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At our clinic, you'll find not only primary medical care but also specialized programs. We are dedicated to your health in all aspects




Our smoking cessation program is designed for those who wish to break free from the habit of smoking, and we understand that it's not always easy. We offer a full range of support and resources to help you achieve this goal.


Within the program, we provide individual consultations to help you determine the optimal smoking cessation method, including the option to use specialized medications that can aid in overcoming the strong urge to smoke.

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On this journey to a healthier life, you will also have the opportunity to receive psychological support. We aim to create an individualized plan that takes into account your needs and is geared towards success.


By enrolling in our smoking cessation program, you gain an essential tool for improving your health and quality of life, and it's worth noting that some insurance programs may cover the costs of consultations, medications, and other services related to smoking cessation.



Our weight loss program is aimed at achieving a healthy weight and improving your physical condition. We develop an individualized weight loss plan that takes into account your personal needs and goals. You'll find support and guidance on proper nutrition and balanced activity at our clinic, helping you achieve and maintain your desired weight.


Additionally, we offer an accelerated option for clients looking to achieve faster and more effective results. This option includes special injections that can be administered once a week for three months at a cost of $1,500. This approach increases the speed of weight loss and helps you reach your desired goals more quickly.

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This approach also includes consultations with us, during which we'll help you understand how to eat and exercise correctly during this three-month period. We'll create a personalized diet and exercise plan tailored to your needs and objectives.


Upon completion of this three-month period, our doctors will provide recommendations and advice on continued nutrition and physical activity to help you maintain the achieved weight and avoid regaining extra pounds.


It's important to note that the approximate weight loss in this case is individual and may vary from person to person. However, clients can expect to lose approximately 15 to 18 pounds, and in some cases, even up to 20 pounds, over the course of three months.

Furthermore, it's important to highlight that the monitoring and support of the individual process are carried out under the supervision of our specialists, and clients can choose the location for the injections – either at the clinic or at home. We will make every effort to provide you with the necessary support and an individualized approach to achieving your weight loss goals.


Unfortunately, insurance does not cover the expenses related to this service. However, we always provide services for achieving a healthy weight and improving physical condition regardless of your insurance coverage.

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Are you tired of dealing with unsightly varicose and spider veins?


Look no further than European Med-Beauty Family Clinic for advanced Sclerotherapy treatment administered by our experienced Nurse Practitioner, Tamara Nosa.


Say goodbye to bothersome veins and hello to smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Transform your skin and regain your confidence with Sclerotherapy at European Med-Beauty Family Clinic.


Contact us now to schedule your appointment and discover the difference for yourself.

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